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Are you here because you are looking for a Family Law or Divorce Attorney?  Someone to help you through some of the toughest times you and your family will face in your lifetime?

Are you here because you are concerned that you haven’t planned enough for the future? Worried about a will? Estate taxes? A nursing home?

Do you think about what will happen if you get divorced? Are you worried that it is too late to plan? What can you do? What is a prenuptial agreement? What is a post-nuptial agreement? Will it help me?

Or are you simply buying or selling a house and need help? Don’t understand the Offer or the Purchase and Sale agreement? Do you want someone to represent your interests?

Has your Mother or Father died? Did they leave a Will? Did they leave you in charge? Are you satisfied? Are you concerned? Wondering what your rights are?

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While we can’t answer all your needs and questions online, we can tell you we can help with these problems and concerns, and the many others you may be facing or worried about.

Divorce and Separation in Massachusetts is NOT easy and the law and process are not straight-forward. A division of assets and a claim for alimony are based on many factors that an experienced divorce lawyer understands the importance of.  Massachusetts is not a 50/50 state. Child custody is always based on the best interests of the child.  Only an experienced family lawyer can advise you on what that will mean to you and your family based on the facts of your case as well as the law.

Divorce mediation is based on a non-adversarial no-fault divorce. As divorce mediators we can assist before or after your separation to the final written divorce agreement to significantly minimize the cost and stress of divorce.

We encourage our clients to do as much of their own work as they choose to minimize costs.  

We also know that planning for the future is always a concern for every family whether you have lots of money, lots of kids, none, both, or something in between. Do you need a Will? What’s a Trust? How can I take care of my kids and my second wife? These are questions many people ask.

In Massachusetts we have to worry not only about who will inherit the assets we leave behind, but how much Massachusetts and the Federal government may take in taxes. Some even worry whether Medicaid will take away their home if they go into a Nursing Home.  The answers and what happens may depend on proper planning.  We can help.

Even the death of a loved doesn’t just cause emotional grief; it may create legal issues and entanglements as well.  Many people don’t have any idea what to do with their mother’s will or how to complain about the way their brother has taken over their father’s affairs. 

What do you do if you are being sued by your family over a piece of property you inherited or own together? Again we can help by offering you our knowledge and over 30 years of Probate and Family Court experience in all areas of probate, real estate and family law.  

We can even make sure everything is done right and you are protected when you sell or buy your house. Don’t rely on the realtors or the bank’s attorney. You should hire someone who is only there to protect and guide you.